Teaching Teens about Climate Change


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Rather than overwhelm teenagers with the daunting challenges facing humanity, the focus of this new book is to help them move from despair to empowerment and appreciate the many solutions that are already being implemented to mitigate climate change. Developed by educators from across North America, the collection includes activities that explore basic concepts such as carbon pricing and climate change denial. Car trip reduction plans, bike-a-thons, and public transit investigations are a few of the transport-related activities. How to organize a climate change summit or share local examples of climate change with peers in other regions are two other notable activities found in the book.

In an era where public opinion is shaped by emotional appeals and unsubstantiated personal opinion, never has it been more important to provide teens with opportunities to engage in hands-on, minds-on activities that allow them to explore the complex issue of climate change. The teaching strategies provided in this 80-page, large format paperback will engage students and help them develop the critical thinking skills they will need as citizens of this era. Printed on 100% post-consumer recycled paper.

76 pages

Ethical Elements: Printed on 1oo% post-consumer recycled paper, and offered in partnership with Green Teacher – a non-profit organization dedicated to helping educators, both inside and outside of schools, promote environmental awareness among young people aged 6-19. Read more about our ethical policies & practices.

The Inside Scoop: We have a long and strong relationship with Green Teacher, dating back to working with Tim Grant when he was editor, and now with Ian Shanahan as the current editor. Providing resources like this one that are ‘by educators for educators’ was a no-brainer – it is wonderful to be able to share stories from the field!

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