Freshwater Compact Test Kit


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Designed for learners of all ages, and no previous water testing experience. Compact, lightweight and convenient for quick sampling. Water samples can be taken anywhere quickly and easily. And our team can provide additional resources and support to help enhance your learning.

Each kit contains…

  • Thermometer (air temperature)
  • Test strips (pH, alkalinity, hardness)
  • Conductivity meter (conductivity, water temperature)
  • Sample container
  • Mini testkit field notepad
  • Waterproof phone case
  • Reacher stick
  • 3 Whirl pak bags
  • Mini Field guide
  • 3 stickers and 2 badges
  • All contained in a hard case with carabiner

Ethical Elements: These kits are offered in partnership with Water Rangers, a Canadian organization which builds the tools to help citizens and scientists easily record and analyze water data so that they can use the data to learn about problems, share discoveries and engage with their neighbours. Read more about our ethical policies and practices.

The Inside Scoop: Our friends at Living Lakes Canada put us on to Water Rangers, and boy are we glad! Their team has been fantastic to work with, and we’re excited to be able to connect anyone who purchases this to their team.

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