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Animals Care for Mother Earth is part of the Animals Care for Mother Earth Indigenous Learning Bundle. It is written by Indigenous authors Terri Mack and Bill Helin. This set is comprised of six contemporary, interrelated stories and supporting resources for teachers. In the first story, animals cooperate to clean up a polluted pond. In subsequent stories, they care for each other in the aftermath of the pollution problem, demonstrating strength of character and social responsibility. This book can be used in elementary schools to teach—through storytelling—the value of personal strengths and community supports while incorporating Tsimshian language and knowledge into classroom lessons. It also provides many opportunities to extend the learning to other curriculum areas, including science, math, reading, writing, social studies, and art.

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Information is provided throughout this resource to help teachers use it effectively, including: 

  1. Story Guides
  2. Core Competency Connections
  3. Social Emotional Learning Connections
  4. A positive meaning attributed to each story’s featured animal
  5. Plant information connected to each story
  6. Suggestions for Field Studies, Classroom Visitors and opportunities to extend learning
  7. Vignette at end of each story to support intergenerational or peer-to-peer learning
  8. Maps, Talking Points and Inquiry Section

ISBN: 978-1-77174-597-0

32 Pages



● Bill Helin (Indigenous Canadian; First Nations; Tsimshian (Ts’msysen); Tlingit)
● Terri Mack (Indigenous Canadian; First Nations; Kwakwaka’wakw (Kwakiutl); Da’naxda’xw Awaetlala)


● Bill Helin (Indigenous Canadian; First Nations; Tsimshian (Ts’msysen); Tlingit)

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