30 Opportunities & Events for Fall!


Our Outdoor Learning Partners offer exceptional in-person and virtual opportunities for outdoor learning professional development across North America, and around the world!

Here are 30 exceptional opportunities for teachers and learners for the school year ahead:

  1. Sept 6, Oct 11, Nov 8, Virtual: The Garden Classroom Series with Megan Zeni
  2. Sept 8, Virtual (Canada): Deadline for submitting National Environmental Education Survey with EECOM
  3. Sept 13-Dec 6, Virtual (Canada): Integrating Inquiry and Indigenous perspectives in Environmental & Sustainability Education (ESE) with Natural Curiosity
  4. Sept 13-15, Cave City, Kentucky: Exploring New Depths in EE Conference with KAEE
  5. Sept 19, Virtual: Naturally Inclusive: Engaging Children of All Abilities Outdoors with Outdoor Learning Partners
  6. Sept 20, Virtual: World Rivers Day Workshop & Story Reading for Educators with Outdoor Learning Partners
  7. Sept 21-24, Spencer, Tennessee: Southeast Environmental Education Conference with SEEA and TEEA
  8. Sept 25, Virtual (Alberta): Ecoschools Canada Opens with ACEE and EcoSchools Canada
  9. Sept 26, Virtual: Wild Learning: Practical Ideas to Bring Teaching Outdoors with Outdoor Learning Partners
  10. Sept 26-28, Virtual: Together on the Leading Edge Conference with Interpretation Canada
  11. Sept 27-29, Ottawa, Ontario: Breath of Fresh Air Outdoor Play Summit with Outdoor Play Canada (sold out!)
  12. Sept 30, Virtual (Canada): Resources for National Day for Truth and Reconciliation
  13. Sept-Dec, Virtual: Ktunaxa Language Course for Educators with CBEEN
  14. Oct-Dec, Virtual: Virtually Outdoors Youth Programs with Evergreen
  15. Oct 3, Virtual: Outdoor Learning through Patterns in Nature with Outdoor Learning Partners
  16. Oct 4 & 19, Alberta: Women in Outdoor Careers Student Field Trip with Inside Education
  17. Oct-Dec, Virtual: Youth Sustainability Forums with LSF
  18. Oct-June, Virtual: 4 Seasons of Indigenous Learning with Outdoor Learning Partners
  19. Oct 9, Virtual (USA): Resources for Indigenous Peoples’ Day
  20. Oct 14-15, Calgary, Alberta: Instructor Course with Outdoor Council of Canada
  21. Oct 16-20, Virtual: Take Me Outside Week with Outdoor Learning Partners
  22. Oct 16-Dec 4, Virtual: Justice, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion for Environmental Educators with SEEA
  23. Oct 17, Virtual: Connecting Children to Nature through Indigenous Teachings with Outdoor Learning Partners
  24. Oct 21, Virtual: Connecting to Land through Indigenous Learning with C2C Partners
  25. Oct 19-21, Blue Lake Camp, British Columbia: Inquiring Voices Gathering for Educators with CBEEN
  26. Oct 27-29, Lanesboro, Minnesota: Equity, Partnerships, and Place Conference with MAEE
  27. Nov 3, Virtual: Registration Deadline for Take Me Outside for School Year Challenge with Outdoor Learning Partners
  28. Nov 7, Virtual: L’éducation en plein air: Apprendre et enseigner dehors en tous lieux et en toutes saisons with Outdoor Learning Partners
  29. Nov 7, Georgia: Outdoor Learning Symposium with EEA
  30. Nov 14, Virtual: Building Capacity for Outdoor Learning: Introducing a Digital Tool for Success with Outdoor Learning