Top 5 Picks for Winter!


Not only does getting outside reduce our risk of virus transmission, it also provides a huge number of learning opportunities and mental, social, emotional and physical health benefits.

Here are our top 5 picks to take your learning outside this winter!

  1. The Big Book of Nature Activities – A Year-Round Guide to Outdoor Learning: This book is sorted by season, with 50 pages dedicated to winter! 39 different winter activities are laid out, complete with learning outcomes, materials required (if any) and the steps to undertake them. The activities are appropriate for early years, primary and intermediate students.
  2. Animal Tracks & Traces Student Field Guide: This laminated  guide provides a beautiful simplified field reference to the tracks, signs, and scat of over 65 familiar North American species.
  3. National Geographic Student Binoculars: Lightweight and rubber-coated, these 10×32 National Geographic binoculars are a perfect observation tool for winter adventurers.
  4. Basic Sit Pads or Enhanced Sit Pads: These allow you to extend your time outdoors by providing a comfortable and dry spot for reflection, sharing or observation.
  5. Handheld Field Magnifiers: This 3x magnifier is large, durable and user friendly for all ages. A perfect tool for exploring snow crystals and animal traces in your schoolyard or nearby nature.