Partner Feature: Learning for a Sustainable Future



Learning for a Sustainable Future has been working to integrate sustainability into the education system across Canada since 1991… which makes this year our 30th anniversary! 

LSF’s goal is to work together with educators, students, parents, government, community members, and business leaders to integrate the concepts and principles of sustainable development into education policy, school curricula, teacher education, and lifelong learning across Canada. 

LSF’s programming over the next five years will focus on Climate Change, through a program called: Empowering Youth for Climate Action/Habiliter les jeunes dans l’action climatique supported by the Government of Canada. This project will help to fill a system-level gap in teaching and learning about climate topics in Canada as identified in the  2019 national survey of 3,196 Canadians entitled, “Canada, Climate Change and Education”.

We would like to share some of our current projects with you and look forward to you joining us!


  • We are very excited to have launched our 2nd National Climate Change Education Survey following up on our groundbreaking findings from 2019: Canada, Climate Change and Education. Be a part of shaping the landscape of Canada’s climate change curriculum policy and education by sharing your views today! Learn more & fill it out here 

Whole classes: 

  • Action Project Funding Available!  Want to make a difference in your school or community & engage your students in a learning experience that is hands-on, real-world, memorable, and impactful? We are offering up to $500 in funding to classes to help make that happen! Apply today. 
  • Climate Action Youth Forums: we are hosting virtual event series for classes all across Canada to learn more about climate issues, get equipped with both knowledge and skills to ultimately take action in your community. Check out our Winter lineup here. 


  • Upcoming professional development opportunities including a webinar collaborations with the Outdoor Learning store can be found here! 
  • LSF works hard to develop & curate high-quality sustainability resources to help you seamlessly bring sustainability into your classroom. Access more resources by visiting LSF’s resource page here or check out some highlights below:
    • LSF’s key resource: Connecting the Dots has just been added to The Outdoor Learning Store, available for purchase!
    • Learning Inside Out is LSF’s weekly collection of learning activities for grades K-12 from our R4R database
    • Looking to get outside and connect with nature this year? Sign up for our Step Outside guides on R4R! 
    • Our 7-12 Climate Change Inquiry Resource: Empowering Learners in a Warming World is available online or for download at 

If you would like to learn more, collaborate, or have any questions about our work, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us at